3 tips to strengthen the muscle of your furniture brand


As a marketer in furniture industry area, I always thinking about a question: how to exercise furniture brand’s digital marketing muscles? The article 5 ways to exercise & develop your digital marketing muscles inspired me to come up with the following 3 tips that hopefully may help you.

  • maintain your furniture brand on social media regularly 

It is important to build and develop your furniture brand step by step on social media, as a digital marketer should develop your own professional ability to promote your brand. It would better to read blogs and interact with your customers or other marketers in your field regularly, and solve your customers questions out.

  • Try something innovation, new or difficult for you

Try to think about how to make your furniture brand outstanding, what kinds of strategies can be helpful for your brand development? Is there anything new  for you to strengthen the muscle of your furniture brand, even it is difficult for you? looking for the answers and do it. There is a advertisement about furniture which is very funny and innovation.

  • Engage with your customers in a shareable and attractive way

People seems like to connect with brands that interest them, as a furniture marketer, we have to know how to create a attractive marketing content to engage customers,  share video and blogs on social media are good ways to attract potential customers. There is a advertisement below which I think it is a shareable and funny advertisement.

As a marketer in furniture field, I will do the 3 tips as above, set goals and do it step by step.

Here are three useful links as below that develop more informations into this topic:





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